Team Downer MSP today announced it has been awarded a contract extension by the Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) to continue supporting the Critical Systems Branch (CSB) within the Joint Systems Division of the Department of Defence. 

The contract extension is for an additional four-year term and is valued at $154.5 million. This will see Team Downer MSP continue to deliver above-the-line (ATL) services until August 2023, with CASG holding the option to extend services by another four years, with subsequent 12 monthly renewals based on performance. 

Team Downer MSP was awarded the first ever Integrated Work Package (IWP) under the MSP arrangement announced in 2018 and has been working collaboratively with the CSB to provide a range of services that significantly expands the capability and capacity of the Department of Defence’s ATL workforce. 

The contract extension incorporates a new process which simplifies the existing conditions and shifts current operations from a transactional model to strategic engagement, enabling the realisation of the full benefits of the MSP contracting model.  

The extension also introduces an Outcomes Based Delivery (OBD) model. The new OBD model moves away from the traditional Time and Materials based cost model and benefits both Defence and the SME community by agreeing upfront scope and is an opportunity to provide a fixed price for deliverables.   

Team Downer MSP’s Program Director Rebecca Sinclair said, “We’re extremely proud of the model Team Downer MSP has developed by driving industry engagement through a number of initiatives including our commitment to fair trade, encouraging enfranchisement of our SME community and investing in resources by collaborating with peak industry bodies.” 

“Team Downer has committed to reinvesting a percentage of our capability and strategic partner services margin back into industry development; a commitment and investment that is a core tenet of our industry engagement framework,” she said. 

Team Downer MSP’s consortium members include Downer (including AGIS and Envista), SYSTRA Scott Lister, Providence Consulting Group and DXC Technology.  


L-R: Rebecca Sinclair, Team Downer MSP Program Director and Rosemary Gauci, Assistant Secretary Critical Systems Branch 

L-R: Andrew Carstens (Downer), Rebecca Sinclair (Team Downer MSP Program Director), Rosemary Gauci (Assistant Secretary Critical Systems Branch) and Erica Smith (Critical Systems Brand MSP Contract Manager)