Team Downer MSP was appointed by the Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) as a Major Service Provider (MSP) to the Australian Defence Force. The intent of the Major Service Provider (MSP) approach was for CASG to adopt a more strategic and integrated approach to the contract of  ‘above-the-line’ (ATL) services by appointing a small number of MSPs capable of delivering larger, longer-term and more integrated work packages providing:

  • Greater visibility and control over the market engagement and service delivery
  • More proactive, relationship driven interaction resulting in better collaboration

Team Downer member organisations:

Downergroup Agisgroup Envista SYSTRAProvidence

Engagement with Team Downer is free – there are no costs to register or to receive opportunities from us. Helping us to deliver valued partnerships, our SME Engagement Model incorporates our unique ‘Three Pillar Philosophy’.

Three Pillar Philosophy
Fair Trade
Pillar 1
Establishing a fair commercial environment to support SME business growth, while providing the barrier-free access to opportunities without the usual fees or subscriptions.
SME Enfranchisement
Pillar 2
Fostering an environment of continuous service delivery improvement where SMEs can develop and grow. Partnering with and supporting SMEs to build strength and depth into Defence’s strategic industrial capability to satisfy the pipeline of new Defence work into the future.
Industry Investment
Pillar 3
Building the capabilities of the SME community with business advice, skills and learning investment, and the professionalisation of your business and your people.

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