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Appointed by the Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) as a Major Service Provider (MSP) to the Australian Defence Force, Team Downer MSP provides ‘above the line’ services and is committed to creating true partnerships with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) through collaboration, investment and innovation.

Our MSP Value Proposition
Strategic engagment with SMEs
Developing long-term partnerships for better outcomes.
Access to opportunities
Increased and direct access to opportunities using an innovative community portal.
Professional development
Leveraging programs to deliver access to skills development and networking.
Business advisory
Helping SMEs to grow their business to its full potential.
Exposure to other sectors
Harnessing the power of major industry players to open doors to other sectors.
Our key principles
Acting and communicating with openness and honesty.
Committing to the prompt, cooperative and mutual identification and resolution of disputes, differences and other issues.
Adopting an ‘open book’ approach in relation to the performance of the MSP services and other work.
Establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters innovation, continuous improvement and cost efficiencies.
Contributing to and working cooperatively through, and in accordance with, the governance and management arrangements.
Cooperating, consulting and collaborating in the planning, tasking, managing and performing of MSP services and other work.
Communicating in a timely manner and sharing documents, information, views, opinions and data.